With a dedicated IP address, you will have a unique number which will identify you on the Internet and which shall not be shared with anybody else or associated with other websites. The most popular use of a dedicated IP is the one which involves the installation of an SSL certificate, which may be employed to encrypt the connection between a site and its visitors, so if they have to log in or to submit payment details, their information shall be secured. Additionally, you will get better search engine rankings, because your site will load faster and won't have the same address as sites that load slowly or have a questionable reputation. A dedicated IP address may also be used to access software such as a VoIP application or another kind of web server. With our server packages, you are able to order additional dedicated IPs effortlessly and assign them to any online application which you host instead of the IP address provided with the hosting server by default.

Extra Dedicated IPs in VPS Hosting

If you choose to order one of our Linux VPS hosting, we will give you one dedicated IP address by default and a second one at no extra cost - in the event that you add any of the hosting Control Panels which we offer to your order. Extra IPs may be purchased effortlessly in case you need them. The option is provided on the order page, so in case you need more IPs right away, we can assign them to your VPS whenever it's set up and you can use them the second you begin using the web server. If you need them for any reason later, you can order them from the billing area and they'll be available within a couple of minutes. That way, you shall be able to assign dedicated IP addresses not only to your own Internet sites, but also to clients' websites provided you've launched a reseller business. You can order IPs as frequently as needed and renew them along with your virtual server plan. If, at some point, you require less IPs, you shall have the opportunity to renew only those which you need, while the extra ones shall be removed from your machine.

Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Web Hosting

We provide 3 absolutely free dedicated IP addresses with each and every dedicated server we offer, but if you require more, you may order them with ease and they'll be assigned to your web server without delay. The upgrade can be acquired both on our order page and inside the billing Control Panel, so you'll be able to get additional IPs whenever you require them - in the very beginning or anytime later on. You can order the upgrade in increments of three and add as many IP addresses as you need at any time. You may renew just the IPs which you want along with the web hosting plan, so if, at some point, you need less IPs, you could simply renew those that you need and the other ones will be removed from your hosting server. With our upgrade, you'll be able to use a dedicated address not only for your Internet sites and applications, but also for your clients’ sites and applications - in case you are using the server to run a hosting reseller business. Any IP on top of the default 3 IPs may be used for as long as you need it.